Vitamins for Macular Degeneration in Ocala and Gainesville

Vitamins for macular degenerationare becoming the gold standard for dry macular degeneration. Dr. Michael Lange of Lange Eye Care and Associates is one of the pioneers in the utilization of proper nutrition for macular degeneration. Eye vitamins are  starting to be utilized more and more by eye doctors that are in tune with nutrition.  Dr Michael Lange Ocala Optometrist is one of the first in the eye care field to use intracellular blood testing to look for nutritional deficiencies that may increase ones risk of progressive macular degeneration. Dr. Lange has taken over eight years of this clinical blood analysis and used it to formulate and reformulate the Fortifeye line of vitamins.

Fortifeye Vitamins are currently being used by thousands of patients and doctors from all over the globe to give nutritional aid to macular degeneration. Fortifeye Vitamins is one of the leading companies  developing  “eye Vitamins” and whole body vitamins.   Michael Lange Ocala Optometrist and founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates states “I am amazed on a daily basis the improvements I see patients obtain once they are on the correct diet and supplements”. Fortifeye Vitamins has changed the lives of many patients suffering with macular degeneration and continues to give hope to those that are currently taking these vitamins. Fortifeye Complete Macular Defense was developed specifically for the macular degeneration patient. This product is also great for smokers, extreme athletes or anyone in need of high quality antioxidant protection. Learn more about nutrition for macular degeneration at  or call 866 503 9746. or go to  patients can walk into any Lange Eye Care location and pick up a box of Fortifeye Vitamins.  If you want to see eye doctors in Ocala or Gainesville that are in tune with nutrition for  eye health then come to a Lange Eye Care location.  Dr Michael Lange and his associates  have been utilizing the benefits of  proper nutrition combined with life style modifications to combat against aging in the eye and body for 20 years.  Patients with macular degeneration travel from all over the south to see a nutritional eye doctor in Ocala  named Dr Michael Lange and his highly trained staff. Retina Doctors in Ocala and retina doctors in Gainesville  refer macular degeneration patients to Lange Eye Care for nutritional consultations and low vision evaluations.  Lange Eye Care  Care is  currently building a state  of the art retina clinic in ocala and Gainesville to diagnose and treat all retinal diseases that will be open October 2011.  Fellowship trained retina physicians will be  avaialable at these new retina clinics at Lange Eye Care Ocala and Lange Eye Care Gainesville.  If you are looking for  great retina care in Ocala or Gainesville come to the new Retina clinic and experience the latest in retina care technology .   Learn more at  and

Proper nutrition plays a large part in helping to slow down macular degeneration.  Eating organically grown spinach, kale, orange bell peppers, gogi berries, blueberries and drinking organic green tea may help slow down macular degeneration. it is difficult to find organic vegetables  and fruits in many communities and then it is very expensive.  If you want to be able to purchase the freshest organic produce and have it shipped directly to your door at a 60% discount or more then go to

3 thoughts on “Vitamins for Macular Degeneration in Ocala and Gainesville

  1. Hey,ihad calledyour office tosee if u guys take cigna and you dont. Anyways i wanted to no if you know a dr that does. Thanks roberta. Ps,hows your family doing. I havent heard from u guys in years.

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  3. Grear article! I will try this type nutrition for my mom since she does have macular degeneration. I will also start for myself since I am sure there must be some genetic aspects of this disease. My moms eye doctor told her to buy some eye vitamins at the drug store but it was pretty lame stuff. I hear Dr Michael Lange optometrist is also an avid motocross racer?? If so maybe he could work on some vitamins for serious motocross racers?

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