Ocala Eye Care


Lange Eye Institute in The Villages


West Ocala Lange Eye Care


Dr. Michael Lange main Ocala office

Lange Eye Care Uptown Optical Gallery and Nutrition Center

Lange Eye Care Uptown Optical Gallery and Nutrition Center

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  Ocala eye care has become attractive for many ophthalmologists and optometrists do to the very large retirement communities in the area. 

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and nutrition specialist realized this 20 years ago when he opened his first Ocala eye care center in 1993.   Lange Eye Care and Associates was started on March 15, 1993. Now Lange Eye Care has nine locations in six counties.  Lange Eye Care has grown considerably into one of the largest privately owned eye care centers in the state.  Lange Eye Care  has Optometrists and Ophthalmologists that can handle all types of eye diseases from the most complicated retinal surgery to making a great pair of glasses.  Dr. Lange has three  locations in the Ocala eye care market.  The main Ocala eye care location is on SR 200 across the street from the paddock mall. This is a large two-story free-standing building located at 3101 sw college rd.   The main Lange Eye Care location has complete oculoplastic, retinal, cataract and laser surgery available. The main Ocala office also has one of the largest opticals in Florida and a huge supply of contact lenses available as well. This location is open six days a week and closed on Sundays. Call 352 237 3768 for an appointment.     General ophthalmology and optometry are also available at the Ocala Lange Eye Care main location.   Seven miles west on SR 200 is the West Ocala Lange Eye Care location in Triple Crown Plaza next door to Oak Run retirement community and across the street from Timber Ridge emergency room. The west Ocala location is equipped with all the latest in advanced eye care and is open five days a week.  Dr Michael Lange opened a super high ened optical gallery called Lange Eye Care Uptown Optical Gallery and Nutrition Center in the Ocala Downtown Square in between Star Bucks and The Marion Theater. This Optical Gallery has very rare frames you woulld find in SO Ho New York.  This optical boutique only carries high end very unique designer labels and does not carry the traditional designer brands that can be found at all other Lange Eye Care locations. People come from 100s of miles around to experience this very unique eclectic optical gallery and purchase beautifully hand crafted extremely unique and rare eye wear.   The main Ocala location , Lange Eye Care Uptown Optical Gallery and Nutrition Center  and the  Gainesville Lange Eye Care  location are  open on Saturdays. .  West Ocala Eye Care location  phone number is 352 291 2000.  www.langeeyecare.com , www.drmichaellange.com , www.fortifeye.com

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