Blue Light not only harmful to the eye but the entire body.

slow down the aging in the eye and entire body by blocking the blue light with opthalmic blue guard.

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist talks Nutrition


Blue light is not only harmful to the eyes but the entire body says Dr Michael Lange. Science is now proving that HIV ( High intensity visible ) light is  the most damaging to the eye and the entire health of the body.  The Blue light being the most damaging of the HIV spectrum.   Blue light is  being emitted more and more in the modern homes and work place. The harmful range of blue light is in the range from about 400 nm – 460 nm.  We are all using  computers, lap tops,  I pads,  Smart Phones, TVs and are exposed to LED and flourescent lighting that all omit high levels of Blue light. Blue light is harmful because it emits the highest amount of energy of the visible light.   This blue light is able to penetrate deep into the eye damaging the lens and the retina.  Blue light also…

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