Dr. Michael Lange completes remodel of Lange Eye Care Ocala.

Dr. Michael Lange states the complete remodel of Lange Eye Care Ocala will be complete by August 1 2013. The renovations consist of a complete external facelift along with some major changes inside both upstairs and downstairs. Lange Eye Care Ocala has the most advanced technology for optical, medical, surgical and nutritional eye care. Lange […]

Beta-Carotene free eye vitamins the best choice for macular degeneration patients according to new study

Dr. Michael Lange discusses why beta-carotene free eye vitamins are what he has been recommending for years. The new AREDS 2 study was just published a week ago today! Proving beta carotene free eye vitamins are best for people with macular degeneration. This study has multiple arms to the study. This is a second phase […]

Ocala Eye Care

  Ocala eye care has become attractive for many ophthalmologists and optometrists do to the very large retirement communities in the area.  Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and nutrition specialist realized this 20 years ago when he opened his first Ocala eye care center in 1993.   Lange Eye Care and Associates was started on March 15, 1993. Now […]

Eye Care in The Villages discussed by Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist at Lange Eye Institute

Dr Michael Lange Optometrist and founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates talks about eye care options. Ophthalmology in the villages, optometry in the villages. The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida is one of the largest eye care centers in  Florida.  Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and founder of Lange Eye Care built the […]