Natural Support for Macular Degeneration. 17 step approach by Michael Lange OD

Nutritional Intervention and Lifestyle Modifications May Help Macular Degeneration How Can Changes in Diet, Vitamins and Lifestyle Modifications Help Macular Degeneration? Vitamin therapy and lifestyle modifications have proven to be extremely valuable at helping to stabilize Macular Degeneration. Michael Lange OD, Optometric Physician and Certified Nutritional Specialist Lange Eye Care and Associates / Lange Eye […]

Lange Eye Care Ocala invests in New Technology for their Retina department

Lange Eye Care in Ocala Florida is constantly upgrading and adding new technology their ophthalmologists and optometrists can utilize in the management of their patients. Retina care in Ocala just got better at Lange Eye Care. The newest technology they have added to their retina department is a Zeiss Floureceine angiography and autoflourescence system.  Dr. Michael Lange […]

Astaxanthin benefits being utilized by Dr. Michael Lange optometrist, nutrition specialist and vitamin formulator.

“Astaxanthin benefits are amazing“, states Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist with Lange Eye Care and Associates in Ocala Florida.  Dr. Lange has been utilizing the benefits of astaxanthin for many years in a busy clinical eye care practice in Florida.  Astaxanthin is one of those nutrients that makes an incredible impact on a person’s life do to the multitude of health benefits.  […]

Food for macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration  may be helped with proper nutrition. Food for macular degeneration is becoming a growing area of many eye care practices.  Many patients and doctors are learning about the power of food for macular degeneration.    There are specific foods that when consumed on a daily basis may actually slow down the degenerative aspects of macular degeneration.   Proper nutrition […]