Lange Eye Care Ocala invests in New Technology for their Retina department

Lange Eye Care in Ocala Florida is constantly upgrading and adding new technology their ophthalmologists and optometrists can utilize in the management of their patients. Retina care in Ocala just got better at Lange Eye Care. The newest technology they have added to their retina department is a Zeiss Floureceine angiography and autoflourescence system.  Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and founder of Lange Eye Care states this technology allows us to detect retinal changes much earlier than traditional technology.

Fundus autoflorescence for early detection or retinal disease

Fundus autoflorescence for early detection or retinal disease

allows for early detection of retinal disease that may go undetected with traditional technology. metabolic changes at the level of the photo receptors may not be detected with traditional ophthalmoscopy, fundus photography or flouresceine angiography. This is great technology to help diagnose patients with reduced acuity of unknown etiology.  FAF can detect build up of lipofuscin a metabolic waste product of the retina very early. The early detection of lipofuscin build up can alert the eye care provider of a potential problem. This is indicative of advancing macular degeneration.  This allows the doctor to help the patient become pro active in their future retinal health thru dietary changes and proper supplementation.  In the Lange Eye care retina center if a patient  has positive autoflorescense they will be given a specific diet to follow along with Fortifeye macular Defense Vitamins to start.  Many of these patients will start to stabilize and some will even improve once these changes are made. If they continue to progress then they will be referred to one of Lange Eye Cares retinal specialists for further treatments.  Lange Eye Care Ocala utilizes the latest in nutrition, medical and surgical treatments for retinal diseases.  If you have macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa or any other retina problem and you are looking for doctors trained in the very latest come to Lange Eye Care Ocala Florida. call 888 781 2020

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